Planned Maintenance


  • The Planned Maintenance (PM) is designed to:
    • Reduce downtime
    • Prolong Life Ensure safety
    • Decrease major repairs
  • The PM program includes:
    • Maintenance & Safety inspections
    • Lubrication of the truck
    • In our experience, we have found that customers that participate in our PM program drastically reduces downtime, accidents, and expenses. Currently we have over two thousand units on this program.

Our PM department is operated out of our South Plainfield, NJ division.

PM Manager: Drew Bartsch

Set up a PM today with our Customer Service Representatives.

Call: (888)714-9647

South Plainfield, NJ                                South Hackensack, NJ

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For more information on Forklift Maintenance Plans and why you should choose them, visit the link below:

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